Accessing Mercer Multi-Manager Funds


The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds can be invested in either directly by completing an Application Form found in the Product Disclosure Statement, through many Investor Directed Portfolio Services or IDPS-like schemes or through Mercer’s superannuation master trust or pooled superannuation trust.


You can invest directly into one or more of the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds, with a minimum initial investment of $100,000. Application details are set out in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement(s).

Additional investments can be made to your existing assets utilising the Additional Investment Form.

Access these forms within the Fund Facts pages.

Via a platform

Many of the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds, as well as Mercer LifetimePlus, are available via a number of Investor Directed Portfolio Services or IDPS-like schemes.

Visit the Adviser section of this website for further details.

Fund list

Via a Mercer Super Fund or PST

Mercer offer a superannuation master trust, the Mercer Super Trust and a pooled superannuation trust, the Mercer Super Investment Trust. You can invest in the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds through these products.  Click these links for further details: