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The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are a set of single sector and diversified multi-manager funds that incorporate Mercer's best ideas on asset allocation, investment manager selection, operational efficiency and sustainable investing.

This website provides prices and performance details relating to the wholesale unit trust vehicles for the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

Mercer also offers a superannuation master trust and pooled superannuation trust that allows investors to invest into the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds. Visit the respective website of these products for specific product information:

Mercer Super Trust  Mercer Super Investment Trust 

The Financial Services Guide provides you with important information about the financial products and services that Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited (ABN 66 008 612 397 AFSL#244385) provides. It is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services or products described in this Guide.