Funds Overview - Multi-Manager Funds
Funds Overview - Multi-Manager Funds


We offer a comprehensive series of Single Sector and Diversified Funds that incorporate our best ideas on asset allocation, investment manager selection, operational efficiency and sustainable investing. This allows investors to outsource some or all of their investment management to us. 

The Funds allow investors to select from a range of Single Sector and Diversified Funds to create a tailored portfolio.


Our Single Sector Funds offer a diverse range of asset class building blocks to construct a unique portfolio tailored to our investors needs and objectives.

They cover a broad range of asset types including:

  • Australian shares

  • International shares

  • Property

  • Infrastructure 

  • Alternatives 

  • Private debt

  • Fixed interest

  • Cash 

The Single Sector Funds are typically multi-manager funds, with the exception of the passively-managed (i.e. index tracking) funds or other funds where a single manager is considered appropriate.  



Our Diversified Funds have been designed to offer access to:

  • A range of asset classes and underlying investment managers within a single fund

  • A comprehensive range of funds targeting various investment objectives, risk profiles and investment time horizons.

They generally invest in a blend of our Single Sector Funds, described above. The proportional allocation across the Single Sector Funds seeks to ensure each Diversified Fund is robust and well placed to deliver on its investment objective.


Other solutions 

Mercer also has a superannuation master trust Mercer Super.