Single Sector Funds
Single Sector Funds

Managed Portfolios  

With over 20 years’ experience managing multi-manager portfolios, we offer investment expertise and services to advice practices that seek to provide their clients with diversified Managed Portfolios.

Tailored Solutions

We recognise that all advice practices are unique and will work with you to tailor a solution to meet your clients’ needs. Given our global scale operations, retail investors may benefit from our negotiating power in establishing competitive pricing normally reserved for institutional clients across Managed Portfolios. In accordance with our investment governance and compliance framework, we offer transparency into investments alongside flexibility over portfolio design and manager selection according to individual preferences.

A range of Portfolios for advisers and their clients

CoreSeries offers a range of Portfolios for advisers and their clients. The Portfolios are intended to meet the needs of a range of investors and risk profiles and are structured as a separately managed account (SMA). A separately managed account is a collection of investments, generally held through a non-unitised registered managed investment scheme, which is managed on your client’s behalf by a professional portfolio manager.

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Advance Indexed Managed Portfolios – These Portfolios cover a wide range of index investments including shares, property and fixed interest indices. They are managed for different risk profiles and access the broad market movements of various asset classes seeking to meet the needs of clients who are advised.

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CoreSeries – Retirement Portfolios

CoreSeries Retirement Portfolios offers portfolios intended to meet the needs of retiree investors with medium or high risk profiles. Both portfolios are diversified, actively managed entities and may invest in asset classes such as equities, property, infrastructure, fixed interest and cash.

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