Environmental, social & governance policies


Considering your investments from a responsible perspective offers a different point of view, one that’s more likely to create and preserve long-term value. This is an important tenet of Mercer’s investment beliefs. It ensures the viability and sustainability of value, not just over the next five or ten years, but over the next 20, 30 or 50. Taking a long-term view involves challenging the status quo, questioning how capital could be better allocated and utilised, and considering what risks might emerge in the future.

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds invest sustainably and with regard to corporate governance in two keys ways, by integrating our:

  • Sustainable Investment Policy with the ongoing processes for the operation of the Funds.
  • Applying our commitment to Active Ownership to exercise our share voting power to influence the activities of the underlying companies within our allocations to equities. Our Proxy Voting Search lets you see, by fund or by company, where Mercer has applied its share voting power on behalf of investors.
  • Considering climate change and other sustainability risks and opportunities into portfolio construction and manager selection.

This policy has been developed with input from Mercer’s team of Responsible Investment specialists.

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