Funds Overview - Multi-Manager Funds


The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are a set of single sector and diversified multi-manager funds that incorporate Mercer’s best ideas on asset allocation, investment manager selection, operational efficiency and sustainable investing.  The Funds enable investors to delegate some or all of their investment portfolio management to Mercer.

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are constructed and managed with the same expertise, investment beliefs, research, insights and the best of our thinking, ensuring a cohesive approach to formulating client advice and solutions.  Each fund comprises an optimal combination of highly rated, external managers that are hand-picked, appointed and monitored by our portfolio management professionals.

The Funds are designed for specific investment time horizons and aim to outperform single-manager funds through the entire business cycle, with lower volatility of returns.

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are ‘fully distributing unit trusts’ that have a minimum initial investment of $100,000.

Mercer also has a superannuation master trust, the Mercer Super Trust, and a pooled superannuation trust, the Mercer Super Investment Trust, which also invest in the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds allow investors to select from a range of single sector and diversified funds to create a tailored portfolio.


Mercer’s range of single sector funds offer a diverse range of asset class building blocks with which to construct a unique portfolio tailored to your needs and objectives.

Our single sector funds cover a broad range of asset types, including:

  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Property and infrastructure
  • Alternatives
  • Fixed interest
  • Cash


Mercer’s range of diversified funds offers access to:

  • A range of multi-sector funds targeting various levels of investment growth, based on different investment time horizons
  • A share fund that is diversified across both Australian and international equities
  • A multi-sector income-focused fund

Our diversified funds have ‘pre-mixed’ our single-sector funds, described above, into portfolios that target the investment objectives we know many investors are aiming for.


Diversified Funds

  • Mercer Diversified Shares Fund
  • Mercer High Growth Fund
  • Mercer Select Growth Fund
  • Mercer Growth Fund
  • Mercer Moderate Growth Fund
  • Mercer Conservative Growth Fund
  • Mercer Defensive Fund
  • Mercer Income Plus Fund

Single Sector Funds:


  • Mercer Australian Shares Fund
  • Mercer Australian Shares Plus Fund
  • Mercer Passive Australian Shares Fund
  • Mercer Socially Responsible Australian Shares Fund
  • Mercer Australian Small Companies Fund
  • Mercer Australian Shares Fund for Tax Exempt Investors


  • Mercer International Shares Fund
  • Mercer International Shares Plus Fund
  • Mercer Passive International Shares Fund
  • Mercer Hedged International Shares Fund
  • Mercer Passive Hedged International Shares Fund
  • Mercer Global Small Companies Shares Fund
  • Mercer Emerging Markets Shares Fund
  • Mercer Passive Emerging Markets Shares Fund


  • Mercer Australian Direct Property Fund
  • Mercer Passive Australian Listed Property
  • Mercer Global Listed Property Fund
  • Mercer Passive Global Listed Property Fund
  • Mercer Global Listed Infrastructure Fund
  • Mercer Global Unlisted Infrastructure Fund
  • Mercer Passive Global Listed Infrastructure Fund


  • Mercer Diversified Alternatives Fund
  • Mercer Global Natural Resources Fund


  • Mercer Australian Sovereign Bond Fund
  • Mercer Global Sovereign Bond Fund
  • Mercer Australian Inflation Plus Fund
  • Mercer Global Absolute Return Bond Fund
  • Mercer Global Credit Fund
  • Mercer Emerging Markets Debt Fund
  • Mercer Cash Fund – Cash Units
  • Mercer Cash Fund – Term Deposit Units