Environmental, social & governance policies
Environmental, social & governance policies


To understand more about how environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) considerations are incorporated into our Funds’ investment processes, please refer to the offer document for each Fund. 

Climate Change 

Mercer’s Investment Approach to Climate Change provides further detail on how we are addressing climate change risks and opportunities in the Mercer Funds.  


As a shareholder of publicly listed companies, MIAL and AAML have the right to vote at shareholder meetings and regard voting our shares as an important fiduciary responsibility. MIAL and AAML outsource proxy voting responsibility to our listed equity investment managers, and, where practically possible, expect the listed equity investment managers to vote shares in a timely manner and in a manner deemed most likely to protect and enhance long-term value.

MIAL and AAML engage the services of a proxy advisor to provide proxy voting research and facilitate the collation and reporting of proxy voting data. The Proxy Voting Search site includes more information on our voting activity, which is updated semi-annually, with annual data for periods ending 30-June and 31-December, within three months of the period end. You can search for particular proxy votes for the latest period.

Please see fund offer documents for more information on voting approach and implementation, including vote exceptions.

Annual Sustainable Investment Reports