Why use Mercer Multi-Manager Funds
Why use Mercer Multi-Manager Funds

Why Use Us? 

Our diverse range of Solutions (Funds and/or Managed Accounts) are designed to suit the needs of a wide range of investors - we offer both Diversified Solutions and individual Single Sector Solutions, in both multi-manager, single manager and separately managed accounts covering an extensive range of asset classes. Investors can tailor a portfolio to meet their needs by blending our Funds,or selecting a Diversified Fund that targets the investment timeframe and risk profile that’s aligned to an investor’s needs.

For the Diversified Funds, our Australian-based team leverages Mercer’s global strategic and capital markets research to build robust portfolios which are well-diversified across asset classes, regions, sectors and underlying investment managers. 

For the Single Sector Funds, we leverage Mercer’s global manager research network to select the underlying investment manager(s) within each Fund. Every investment manager we select is thoroughly researched and monitored by our manager research specialists. The Funds invest in the most highly rated investment strategies and we seek to achieve an optimal blend of investment managers to achieve the objectives set for each Fund.

We regularly monitor the investment managers we select to ensure they continue to invest according to their stated strategy and so that we are aware of any material changes affecting investment managers. Any significant change to, or concern with, research inputs, investment process, or key personnel may trigger a review, and subsequently, the termination and replacement of an investment manager.